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My Approach


Nothing here is good, bad, right, or wrong. Offering a judgement free space to explore thoughts, feelings, and behavior, you'll become aware of beliefs that do not serve you and build new ones that do.

Through honest, insightful

conversation, I'll guide you in developing belief building, self-acceptance, and empowerment practices, that will support you in giving your life the makeover you deserve!     



Restructure core values to align with the life you want and the power within you to create it!


We are a collection of the things we've been taught. Foundations that were built with tools and information from a different time and place. Some of those historical programs are still running. It's time for an update!  



Understand who you are as a whole, outside of any standard or expectation.

This is where we take an objective look at ourselves to allow integration of qualities we hold separate. A trait that's been considered unfavorable might have served a survival need in the past, could be repurposed now, or may be used to navigate future endeavors. Appreciate and integrate!       


Realize, develop, and expand your ability to create the life you want. 

I believe there is a source of energy, a constant flow of well being, intelligence, divine guidance, spirit, god, inner strength, (call it what you want), that is not only available to us, but continuously communicates the intentions of our unconditional self. It's time we tap into that resource! 

Therapy Sessions
About Me

My name is Felecia Bates. I was born and raised in a small town south of Pittsburgh, Pa (below the yinz line) with a big, unconventional family. I graduated high school and welcomed my first child in 2006. In the fall of 2007 went to college to study psychology but switched gears after the first year (and the bill it came with) and enrolled in cosmetology school (also to study psychology it seems)? Fastforward: Now a divorced single mother of 4 kids, I'm a reiki practitioner, I own businesses and real estate, I've been doing hair for 20 years, a licensed cosmetologist for over 10, and a Hair Stylist in the tv/film industry for the last 5. The nature, security, and flexibility of my career has provided the opportunity to indulge my curiosity for why we do what we do. Taking classes, courses, trainings, and workshops fueled the vehicle that led me home to intuitive life coaching. I learned we have the biggest impact when we're doing what we love. For me, that's providing a safe, encouraging space to close the gap between who we think we have to be and who we actually are. Fostering an environment to create a meaningful life by our own standards. 

What to Expect

As with any change, a learning curve and growing pains are a given. Lean IN. Every thought, experience, and emotion carries information to help you sort out and fine tune the details of your life!

I will serve as the sounding board. Using my knowledge, experience, and active listening skills, I will ask specific questions to help reconnect you to where all your answers are, will be, and have always been. In YOU!       

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